Thursday, December 30, 2010

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Welcome New Year 2011


The largest bell in Austria , the Pummerin hanging in St Stephen's Vienna,
greeted with U.S. the NEW YEAR! It is a wonderful bell and we Austrians
are all very proud of them!

is thought the year

bright as day soon the dark night - and if
the twelfth stroke of the bell died away,
have I thought of you firmly
and thoughts you hold in embrace.
Only a few hours - now's time has come -
I can describe just do not
is like my grad - it is running out time -
A NEW YEAR and yet
will remain a big piece of the old.

wishes always remain the same:
health and peace for the whole world!
Everything you could then reach
would otherwise be 'bad way's around us.

if we hope together on
and believe - is it often difficult -
is then an open door for us to
small fortune, what more could you want!

Little by little I hear it ringing,
sound bells through the night -
A NEW YEAR in the course of time -
and I've been thinking of you!

(c) Renate Harig

My thoughts are with many of you and I hope that you can receive the new 2011 due! My sweetheart and I are alone and it will approach quietly and comfortably. Whether you're now alone in the company of friends or anywhere else - I wish you a good start anyway! will

With the change of the year,
more humanity on Earth!

If one or the other, the history of the largest bell in Vienna's interested, just look here by:

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

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A new year in the Book of Hours

With the 12th Chime will keep feeding the New Year!
Welcome 2011


Between you still have time to arrange
thoughts and was also willing to reconsider
old, past,
to learn from it, much can also distract
to do with firm intent to much better
hope and confidence must never rest -
Trust in new, not all bad,
it is as it should - it's all right!
not forget to thank for some lucky
and look to the front, not just back.
What will not come back, whether bad or good,
much will change, have courage!

One year is low and as for ancient times,
is the new front gate and we are ready to receive it
happy with all the bells in the world -
Good luck and many blessings to all of us had ordered!

(c) 2000 Renate Harig

A little Guardian Angel, which I for Christmas from my dear friend got Binchen
from Berlin, I will next year be to the side.

A small, happy little angel arrived came from Barbara and gives me much joy. He
will take care of me! What can possibly happen already!

And because all good things are three, I was also a favorite of all the angels of
Märchenwolle Birgit from Bad Pyrmont (Trautchen daughter).
I love them all !!!!! THREE
THANK YOU to Sabine, Barbara and Bill!

I wish you all a guardian angel for the coming year. Hope and confidence may Accompany you and it is simply happy and lively! If something is not so, as it should be, then be patient, it is again! Pain, mental or health problems may simply be better!
I wish you all many happy hours and you always have an eye for the small moments of happiness that is ready the NEW YEAR 2011 sure all of us.
We need only recognize and learn to see!

I'm keeping love you all and say THANK for all your kind words that you have written me over the year. You have given me great pleasure to me so often and courage awarded if it was not easy! You've always happy with me when I was doing well and have the joy shared with me. She was even twice as good!
do everything that I write here in my corner or I show with lots of love, because I know you like me to visit! THANK YOU!

I wish you all the best!

warm your Renate

I wish you a happy NEW YEAR

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

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Do you know how many little stars are ..........

Do you know how many stars are standing at the blue sky?

A child sits by the window and looks into the evening sky. Countless stars, big and small, with bright and dim light that dot the sky. Star star forming galaxy and one can not even imagine as an adult, these gigantic proportions of all these heavenly bodies.

The word "galaxy" alone connect us inevitably childhood memories of stories and fairy tales and we have in our imaginations a galaxy in front of us that do not correspond to reality. Must indeed be! We will never really go for a walk on the Milky Way. In our Children's dreams, we were able to! How beautiful!

A child looks at the sky and hangs his dreams and fantasies. It believes that one ask what, if a shooting star falls from the sky. Large and small requests are sent skyward in the deep belief that they could meet perhaps. As it was so good to his child, and believe it to can with this wonderful, childlike imagination. How nice it was

for us as a child, imagine that resides on each star is a nice person who is no longer with us. In the clouds, we snuggled in pure fantasy and are almost physically felt as cozy and warm woolly that must be! The rainbow, I would now like to slide down again with the child's imagination! Why not?

I discover this gift of "believe it" me too every now and then! I can feel in small moments like this I am eternally grateful and I can believe in things that lie at the frontier of dreaming. What dreams are wonderful.

only has ceased to dream, has also ceased to live! How nice to have dreams. Leave a little for a while 'fly' in a different world, making it so not really exist.

Close Let us now and your eyes and Imagine a place where we would like to be, when we will never be in our real life. to dream but is also something nice. It relaxes and lets the mind run free.

That reminds me of a song from Peter Maffeys Tabaluga: I never wanted to be grown,'ve always sought to defend me ....... somewhere deep inside me, I'm still a child, only then, if I can not feel anything, then is it for me too late ....( music and words I keep hearing SO happy!)

I do not always "being grown up" and get dressed and then, like in the little corner in my soul back to where it is still permits me from time to time as a child to feel and let my imagination run free and happy! This is just beautiful!!

(c) Renate Harig 2002
Right now at Christmas time would be so much again his child, and peer through the keyhole, it think you have seen the angels and the Christ child, because on the windowsill was a tiny little golden star (the mom was probably put down) These are dreams that you will never forget!

I Want for Christmas

Wants' once more
as a small child
under the Christmas tree stand,
'd 'even know
with those eyes
see all the glory,
'd' in the children's faith
that the angels and the Christ Child
suspended from the sky,
with parcels and
trees and many things
come very quietly, open the window

and throws - without being seen,
disappear in the rooms
of people on earth.
'd like one I still like to peek through the keyhole

and believe very firmly in mind
I would have seen them,
as eager and quick
with heavenly Sham
the Christmas tree decorated for
big and small.

And snowflakes should
the sky and the earth float
and their hasty life -
only silence and peace
should still be -
the way we felt it
when we were young.
And I do know that everything
tendons in the heart
I can never be more of a child - not
by the light of the brightest candles!
But the memory is there and it remains
besteh'n forever, because
CHRISTMAS got home
always so beautiful.
Today I am an adult
and when Christmas Eve is here, then my parents

close to me always!
They were the angels
shine and let the tree.
Today I know it already, but
was how beautiful the dream!

(c) 1976 Renate Harig

This poem and very many others, I have written for my mother as thankfulness, because they let us enjoy Christmas so that we still like it think! It's still one of my favorite poems. Even with the readings I discover time and again that people like this poem. Simply because they have fond memories of Christmas "at home. Of course there
It also those who had not a nice Christmas. There are a thousand reasons for it! I'm so sorry!

I had all the luck, CHRISTMAS as a beautiful, peaceful festival experience! For this I am grateful for a lifetime! I wish you all a

beautiful, happy and blessed CHRISTMAS

in the circle of loved ones or in pairs. Can also be that one or the other alone, but also
want to be alone! Wherever You experience the Christmas Eve, whatever you do on
this evening, I wish you all the very love and use the Christ child,
it may also come at you with his blessing!
Let the window just a very small crack on!
Light a candle and remember it will only get better! Thinking of you!

Waiting for Christmas
not enough.
Christmas does not come.
Christmas is

through me through you
through us.
by Maybe we should speak,
more by our actions, most
through our being. Send

love warm, festive greetings YOU ALL, nicely packed with a large, red bow
and a gold star provided

All the best

Gert and Renate

image Lisi Martin

Monday, December 20, 2010

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How's it then .... a true story

This is the Andachtsjodler. It is sung here in Austria, but also in Bavaria
on Christmas. If I hear him, I always get goose bumps and memories
rise up in me! I like to sing with him
my sister!

following poem is based on real events. So, as I have described in the poem, it really was. It tells me it has my old friend, who I knew even as a little girl. We then lost sight of, and met again after years! Now I see him whenever I'm in Austria. He is the author - I have presented it ever!

How was it then

a childhood friend I
found again after many, many years.
He lives in my home country,
to which I went. As we sat
after a long time, many hours he told
also a story that is so true,
not a word he invented!

"40 years ago,
was my childhood -
Go back the way I appear again, he did not
Those days are so close,
grad 'as if it were yesterday!

's Christmas Eve and was terribly cold, and they keep us goin
cold rooms. The mother thought out
and forth: I
'What gift' just the boys?
Nothing was in the house, great poverty,
it was the hand-wringing.
father, he was unemployed,
he could bring home nothing!

The brothers were so small, they hoped to
of the Christ child gifts.
I told the kids:

I knew who's it baby Jesus,
who was sounded's bells -
and yet, I thought now and then "You can not have everything!":
If "it" will bring me something ?

I was already large, 10 years old - The uncle
and brothers
we went through the winter forest
and sang Christmas carols. The little
looked everywhere,
just behind hedges and Book
if there was not an asterisk,
look they wanted the Christ child!
uncle told of the great world
and we should remember the Christ child
it lacked in money,
to give presents to everyone.
What he said - I understood -
but what about the children?
hard I pressed my uncle's hand was almost
losweinen me.

Slowly we walked home,
snow glistened in the starlight,
saw from behind windows's already festive
hope crept into my heart a.
'Was it because Christ child', we asked.
'Is it come to us too? "
mother said: 'It was here'
and has taken us in the arm.
'The Christ child was was not much time
also' wear it much.
The night is cold, the way so far
However, it can tell you that you are good children

and it loves you from the heart
and next year, at Christmas,
determine what it all is beautiful! "

A small tree, tiny,
with a handful of candles, lit with mild

apparent in all our hearts.
little knitting was still there, dressed
and re-lined -

This evening was so close to me
and often have I dreamed of him!

We were poor, yet rich,
today 'I know a long time what really counts!
something the same for everyone
and heal wounds in this world!
gifts make it is not always
I have to think about it.
security and a home '
should give all people!

The mother would like to say thanks to me.
I would give what would drum, 'it there!
There, above the clouds long documents, it remains
my life close to me! "

He told how it at that time was - we were still
- from afar
shone a light so bright and clear, bright
still a thousand stars.
Some people go too early
us a little ways
through our lives - we understand
only memories they bring back!

(c) 1994 Renate Harig

It is a long poem, but it is worth taking the time to read. Images are emerging that may occur to one or other known. Today there are already so many people who are poor, it is growing. Where the father or the mother is unemployed, and absent the money, when poverty runs into the house.

Someone who so never been confronted, can not understand it. I can well understand, because my parents were too poor. Dad has brought only the essentials of money home and mum had to count every shilling, so that it reasonably sufficient for the support. Once upon a time - but it is already as current as long no more!

I think of Christmas "always remember how hard it was for my parents, we put just a little something under the tree. We children were with everything, but really all so happy and satisfied. What I NEVER goes out of his head is the shining Christmas tree with real candles that shone niemehr in life for me as bright and mysterious as it was in our childhood! For

me is still the Christmas tree and nativity scene including the most important thing at Christmas!

mom and I have been here we have the hard starting and celebrated together. Pictures of Christmas, when we were kids, there is not unfortunately. We did not have a camera! We have all kept in our hearts! But the Christmas tree back then looked for so!

The crib my daughter and our nursery has tinkered my husband.

This is our tree was a year ago!

I wish you beautiful days until Christmas! I will be on Wednesday the children go and spend the Christmas. I hope it does not snow too much when we're on the highway!

I'm writing again!

All Your Love


Friday, December 17, 2010

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Winter Wonderland


become cold songwriter, dance

single snow from heaven to earth and
cover them -
festively decorated window
tell of the impending

The fourth candle is burning soon -
the homely, Warm Light may descend into our
HEART! Again and again

always the child is born in a manger

for U.S. -
May it be in our hearts

© 2008 Renate Harig

I wish you a good night and a beautiful,


your Renate

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Max and Max receive

The joy was enormous!
Max and Max got talent. Little Max is reached and then the two keep their children pride in their arms.
How did that happen? Well, I'll tell you!

When I was in Liezen, one day I looked in a closet of my sister. And what did I see? A lot of small and large puppets, then reared in the darkness of this cabinet. I looked at me and was really sad that they were all here in one big basket.

Every time the door is open to the closet, they peer towards the light, which penetrates only for a moment into the darkness. I hope my sister now has all brought to light!

Now I noticed two little dolls, little brother and sister. I took it out and once I had an idea.

Without my sister that I said something, I took out the little brother and put it in my suitcase because it was indeed back home soon in the direction of the Saarland.
The journey for the small little Max was certainly very exciting. Never before in his life had taken the train and it was, well stored in a large handkerchief, wrapped in my handbag.

I was looking forward to my project, give to the little elves in Mäxchen the two major pre-Christmas. Once home, I built him a tiny little cap and took Max and Max from my closet where they waited a whole year to finally get back into the light.

Yes, now it was time, the 1 Christmas was approaching and I took the two happy parents and gave them their new arrival: little Max! They have been pleased. They're only made of wood and fabric, but something like a little heart will probably also beat them in;. Heard us, at least not people.

Now sit the three happily on my cabinet, I have re-decorated extra for them. Have scattered snow, pine branches placed in a self-painted glass vase and a few candles burning every day - from compensation for the long darkness in my Wardrobe.

other day was a little snowman on a visit. He remained only a little while, because I gave him a dear friend who visited me shortly. There he is now repealed well, because she has a heart for these little, cute things that make life so worth living.

Max and Max have so little Max and her are happy beyond words with her "child". All three are looking forward to the upcoming Christmas celebration. Let us too, right?

a nice greeting to you all!

your Renate

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

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Mäxchen have put a candle in the window

It was both our favorite singer - Gaby Albrecht - My friend Trautchen had known her well. I continue to hear that they are, Trautchen nothing around! I make a symbolic gesture a candle in the window with this song and think back on my time in between Trautchen!
I know that she's fine, she is now a Christmas angel up there!